The acronym ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) corresponds to a set of criteria and environmental, social and governance practices of an organization, which must be considered in the analysis of risks, opportunities and respective impacts, in order to guide activities, business and investments, contributing to sustainable development.

The adoption of these practices increases competitiveness, optimizes risk management and provides greater resilience for companies in the midst of market uncertainties and vulnerabilities.

Its applicability provides companies with opportunities to generate long-term positive impacts for their entire value chain.


ARCHIPEL offers an assessment of its clients' operations according to ESG themes:

  • Environmental: sustainable use of natural resources, greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, carbon footprint, pollution, water use, waste and effluent management.
  • Social: health and safety, policies and labor relations, inclusion and diversity, stakeholder engagement, workforce training, human rights, community relations, social responsibility in the value chain.
  • Governance: structure of the organization's governance and management, business conduct, ethics and transparency, legal and regulatory environment, audit and tax committees, privacy and data protection.

Main Services

  • ESG Due Diligence;
  • Materiality Assessment;
  • Sustainability / ESG Reports;
  • Assistance in the development and implementation of strategies related to ESG criteria;
  • ESG indicators established or customized to the specific needs of the client;
  • Technical support in decision-making processes related to investments, capital market transactions, risk management and strategy development regarding the inclusion of sustainability criteria / ESG practices;
  • Development and implementation of best practices to manage and integrate ESG risks, impacts, and opportunities into credit and investment processes;
  • Studies and analysis on sectors, markets, and ESG topics for investors and other providers of capital for sustainable investments.